Create, manage, and track your training

Build and personalize training materials for your team's needs, and measure growth from the results that follow.

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— Build courses

Customize your curriculum

Create custom learning material complete with video, original content, quizzes surveys and SCORM/Tincan.

With Syllabus, you control the content and message in your courses. Use our unlimited course builder to form your own library of learning material, accessible when you need it.

— Oversee training

Manage team learning with efficiency

Invite your team

Easily assign courses, quizzes and other educational content to selected users, groups or the whole company with our streamlined deployment.

Assign rewards

Admins can easily and quickly view and issue prizes won and offered. Tracking and reporting rewards, along with effectiveness of each reward is also viewable in our reporting.

Track your progress

Our dynamic reporting provides accurate and reliable reporting on content engagement, user interaction with the learning content, course completion, certification or compliance training completion, and performance.

— Report progress

Gather insights for long-term growth

Track completion

Observe quiz performance and course completion to capitalize on insights and key trends between the lessons and your employees.

Pinpoint issues

Use analytics to discover which teams aren’t performing well, and move to course correct or build better pathways to success.

Identify opportunities

Delve into the data to discover knowledge gaps and areas for improvement for course material, users, and groups.

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