Gamify team training with custom rewards

With gamification you can reward your learners with exciting prizes to kee them engaged and motivated.

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— Motivate your users

Crush training goals by rewarding your team for their coursework

With Syllabus, you can create and award achievement with rewards to bolster employee performance and learning.

→ Admins

Align your company goals with your team’s by offering additional incentives for personal growth and material competency.

→ Users

Complete custom courses on Syllabus and get quizzed on your knowledge to earn company featured prizes or rewards.

— Create incentives

Boost team engagement with prizes

Gain and track points to win big

Users can track their points and build upon completed courses to earn more rewards.

Challenge your audience

Pair progressing levels of difficulty in course material, with greater prizes to optimize user learning.

Get creative with your offerings

Offer your learners points, the ability to donate money, and giftcards to encourage participation and better training experiences.

— Level up

Measure and award improvement

Award badges and prizes to allow users to visualize and track their achievements as they make their way through the training material.

→ Show mastery of material

→ Engage users by visualizing progress achievement

→ Outline important learning objectives with badges

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